Resources for Professional Development

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For some, a combination of counseling and community resources are the best solution for professional development. If you’re needing additional support, these links for business leaders are services I’ve used and recommend. Make sure you scroll all the way down for support and encouragement by signing up for the email weekly digest.

Local Resources for Professional Development:

Tennessee Small Business Development Center – Located on Cherokee Blvd., there’s remarkable support through classes and individual counseling on topics from accounting to human resources and more. Ivette Rios has been helpful to me in my transition from group to individual private practice.

Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce – I enjoy getting out in the community with my local business neighbors. I regularly attend the monthly luncheons on Main St. I was honored to be named Business of the Month in June! – For entrepreneurs and those with vision, CoLab is a great place of ideas, support, and resources. I participated in the 9-week Co-Starter program and received great mentoring and connection.

Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute – I’m honored to be among amazing women who offer leadership classes and support on topics from finances to politics.

Online Resources for Professional Development: – Andy Traub helps people get clarity for their online businesses and grow their platforms. He’s provided group and individual coaching for me the last few months. – If it weren’t for my writing mentor, Jeff Goins, I wouldn’t have met Andy and many others I’ve mentioned. Jeff is the man to follow if you dream of writing a book, but haven’t yet. A regular practice of writing is great for your emotional and mental well-being.

Michael Hyatt – has been my virtual mentor who has helped me develop a leadership and business way of thinking. It’s been a growth edge for me this year establishing my own branding after a decade of private practice within a group.