Links for Well-Being

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Other facets of our lives are connected with our mental health and relationship well-being. We live in such an information-saturated culture. I’ve personally benefited from this growing list of resources. May these links for well-being be helpful to you.

Links for Well-Being –  My friend Nicole has a passion for health, food, and wellness. You’ll benefit from her writing and knowledge for healthy living.

Be Real – Who you were meant to be – My friend Kathy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has a great system of keeping track of progress through her Be Real Health Journal.

The Intentional Life – is another great blog from my life-coach friend, Nancy. She helps you sort through the bits and pieces of life to find out what’s great and wonderful. We all need this wisdom. – My friend Caroline inspires me through her insights and international travel. She enriches my life by opening up an international world of cultures and stories.