Accomplishing Goals

One Shocking Thing About Accomplishing Goals

One shocking thing about accomplishing goals startled me as I…
Be Your Partner's Hero - Listen

How To Be Your Partner's Hero - Listen

Here's how to be your partner's hero, listen. My husband…
New Year

Why Finish The Past in 2016 Before the New Year

In Michael Hyatt's five day goal-setting program he emphasizes…
Family Stories, Emotional Well-being

Family Stories And Emotional Well-being

Recently I've paid attention to how family stories and emotional…
Christmas Anxiety

What To Do With Christmas Anxiety

  I sat on a floor pillow in front of our ceramic nativity…
Family Stress

5 Ways to Relieve Family Stress During Holidays

Family stress during holidays can range from mildly challenging…
Regrets, life lessons

How 5 Regrets Are Life Lessons

Five regrets of the dying are life lessons for the living: 1. Courage to be true to yourself, 2. Don't work so hard, 3. Express feelings, 4. Stay in touch with friends, 5. Be happy.

Stop Emotional Abuse With Awareness and Apology

During a service commemorating the 15 year anniversary of 911,…

Lessons of Grief From A Clay Cup

Loss can be mysterious and unexpected. In this case, I learned…

Dancing Into The Kingdom Of Love

I met my friend for the first time several years ago in the Waltz…
Father's Day

Father's Day–5 Things Dad Should Know

I cried when I read the words my uncle Ken recently wrote as…
Mother's Day

Mother's Day Highs and Lows

As we all celebrate Mother's Day, let us pay attention to the…