Resources for Clergy

Resources for Clergy

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Resources for Clergy

These are additional soul nurturing ideas for clergy, ministry leaders, missionaries, and volunteers.

I’ve been greatly influenced by my spiritual director, Dr. David G. Benner who was also my professor while I was getting my second Master’s degree from Richmont University. I’ve participated in several spiritual direction retreats through his guidance.

I continue to make space to meet God through individual spiritual retreats. Here’s some retreat sites I’ve been to and highly recommend.

St. Mary’s Sewanee – This is the place I continue to go back to for prayer, reflection, and listening to God (without my electronics). I really do attempt to be totally away from my screens and just tune into my soul. I have an attitude of Here I am, Lord. Speak to my heart and open my eyes to what I may otherwise be blinded to. One Question to Ask Yourself is a blog post I’ve written about it to give you more insight.

Ignatius House – This retreat center is close to Atlanta. I’ve been there for individual retreat once. My husband and I experienced a marriage retreat there a few years ago. It’s a very sacred and prayerful place.

Resources for clergy through podcasts

Daily Audio Bible – Brian Hardin reads Scripture fresh every day – a passage from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. He’s done it every year for the last decade! Rain or shine, sick or well, in the country or out. It’s amazing! Many times I’ll listen and follow along in my Bible. Other times I’ll be listening on the way back and forth from work.

Ransomed Heart Podcast  – John Eldredge has tuned me into the heart of the men in my life since early 2000 when I heard him for the first time in Nashville for the American Association of Christian Counselor’s World Conference. I listen periodically for spiritual nourishment.

Center for Action and Contemplation – Lately, Fr. Richard Rohr has made an impact on me. I’m now reading, The Divine Dance and have completed about three readings of Falling Upward. His weekly homily podcast is packed with spiritual insight that makes me thirsty for more.

Of course, my local church feeds my soul through prayer, community, service and worship.