Dancing Into The Kingdom Of Love

I met my friend for the first time several years ago in the Waltz line at our local dance hall. We were newly single women discovering the healing art of ballroom dancing. Our similar life experiences gave us instant connection. The dance floor was a special place. We laughed and compared stories. We complimented each other…

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Father's Day

Father’s Day–5 Things Dad Should Know

I cried when I read the words my uncle Ken recently wrote as the foreword to my soon to be published e-book, Relationship Dignity Manifesto. It seemed the message became deeper as I read his account of my dad who died at the young age of 28. Many Father’s Days have come and gone since my early childhood…

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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Highs and Lows

As we all celebrate Mother’s Day, let us pay attention to the high’s and low’s we experience as moms. May we be compassionate toward those who have unknown stories. It can be a difficult day or just another day. Regret, sadness, and secrecy hidden among the smiles and pleasantries. The stress of single parenting or…

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3 Basics of a Full Life

In reflection of Easter Sunday, it’s worth taking time to slow down and ponder. Epic war movies such as “Saving Private Ryan” stir us to value our lives. Discovering three brothers had died within a week, the mission was to spare the fourth brother during World War II. The last scene shows Ryan as an old man at the grave of…

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3 Secrets to Unexpected Change

How to move beyond the brick walls of the unexpected. Move beyond first impressions. Lean into the good, bad, and ugly emotions. Surround yourself with cheerleaders. If you’re like me, you could pinpoint a single incident that triggered a storm of unexpected change. You have thoughts of: If only I’d done this or that. If I…

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