Professional Counseling

What Kind Of Professional Counseling Do I need?

  What kind of professional counseling do I need? If I wrote a letter to my younger self, I would say, Don’t hesitate. We can be so confused about our needs. And even more confused about what kind of professional counseling we need. Now that I’ve been practicing for over a decade, I’m convinced the public needs clarity…

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Counselor Support

How To Find The Right Counselor

With a splotchy red face and tears dripping down my cheeks, I had just shared intimate details of my life. An hour later, having used lots of tissue and now less money in my purse I wasn’t going back. The therapist was competent and reputable. But the chemistry wasn’t there for me. It’s important to know how to…

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Improve your marriage

How Long Does It Take To Improve Your Marriage

When it comes to couples counseling, we all want to know how much time, energy, and money it will take for lasting improvements. A common question is: How long does it take to improve your marriage through relationship counseling? It takes more than 21 days to improve your marriage The 21-days-to-make-a-habit advice has been a myth all this time…

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Accomplishing Goals

One Shocking Thing About Accomplishing Goals

One shocking thing about accomplishing goals startled me as I sat in a conference room with 400 of my new best friends. It was Michael Hyatt’s LIVE event in Nashville. In the midst of a packed seminar of learning new content for Five Days To Your Best Year Ever I heard a totally unconventional statement from…

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Be Your Partner's Hero - Listen

How To Be Your Partner’s Hero – Listen

Here’s how to be your partner’s hero, listen. My husband and I are just as imperfect as any couple. But I must say, he is my hero. It’s not easy being married to a relationship therapist. I’ve never been married to one, but my husband and others have said it’s not easy.  Although he and I…

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