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Courageous Year Groups

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The New Year is now more than 20% in the past. Bring back the energy and support through our Courageous Year Groups. This is a co-ed personal accountability group which combines personal coaching and therapy. Each module includes a package of three group sessions and one individual session. Plan now to begin in April.


The Next Module Begins April 6th 


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Here’s the topics for each 90 minute group session

APRIL 6 – Identify limiting beliefs; liberating truths; and reverse the cynicism cycle

APRIL 13 – Resolving the past; 8 questions to process the past year

APRIL 20 – Action Triggers

Details About Courageous Year Groups 

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FORMAT: Teaching, demonstrating, dialogue, high-energy fun

GROUP SIZE: The group is co-ed and limited to 10 participants.

WHEN: 90 minute sessions from 6:00 – 7:30 PM

WHERE: My Office – 400 E. Main St. Suite 140E, Chattanooga, TN 37408

For those outside the Chattanooga area, groups will be through webcam. Dates and times TBA.

FEE PER MODULE: $247 for three group sessions and one individual session.

Call or text me at 423-551-9916 

Courageous Year Groups will help you learn:

  • The criteria for happiness and how you can harness its power through goal setting.
  • Ways to create breakthroughs that lead to lasting transformation.
  • Know why you keep getting stuck and what’s holding you back.
  • A formula for identifying your top goals and how to know which one to pursue first.
  • A 12-step process to help you set and reach your goals year-round. ,
  • Ways to stay on track and increase success in each month ahead.

Why groups will help:

  • Its the best opportunity for change and creates momentum.
  • We all desire to belong and grow together.
  • Our worthiness is valued.
  • It makes us accountable to follow through with our goals.

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