Marriage Counseling


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I help leaders and families create connection beyond conflict through counseling that transforms. I also provide relationship and business coaching for clarity, focus, and stress relief.

Consider individual counseling if you’re feeling:

  • Misunderstood
  • Stressed Out
  • Disconnected
  • Overwhelmed
  • Discouraged

Consider couples counseling if you and your partner are willing to come in together.

Common reasons include:

  • You’re having difficulty communicating
  • You’ve tried everything else, and you’re stuck
  • You’d like to nurture your relationship before a downward spiral of disconnect
  • You’re recovering from an affair

If you’re seeking: 

  • Marital balance and partnership
  • Family cooperation and understanding
  • Clarity in life’s purpose and mission.
  • Emotional intelligence to rise strong beyond set-backs

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You’re doing the next right thing just being here on this website. Take a moment to look around. My main service is counseling, but I also write and provide online resources to help with communication and relationships. (Click here for audio version)

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How you live your values will last beyond your circumstances. You’ll have confidence in yourself and deeper connection with others. Learn the art of relationship intelligence. Be heard and understood by those who matter most.

Gain clarity, balance, and skills for connection beyond conflict. 

Here’s some useful articles: They only take a couple minutes to read.

“How To Find The Right Counselor.”

“How Long Does It Take To Improve Your Marriage?”

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Or ask for a free 20 minute consultation.

You can create connection beyond conflict.

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